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Mr. Ryan Loftin

Hello! My name is Ryan Loftin and I am a sixth grade special education teacher at Reeds Spring Intermediate School. I will be co-teaching in communication arts. I know this year will be very exciting and productive, and I am looking forward to it. 

Technology Pedagogy Statement:

I believe technology in the classroom affords all students an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills in an engaging and meaningful way. High expectations-along with data-driven-decision- making, and a culture of caring will allow us to make substantial progress in closing the achievement gaps, including students with special needs.

As an educator, I will continually evolve instructional methods to meet the needs of all students. I will provide support for struggling students by planning activities that align resources and data with academic goals.

All students will use and apply their prior experiences to develop global awareness in a 21st century learning environment that will prepare them for the future. My students will understand how to collaborate with others, and integrate the use of technology to broaden their ability to create, analyze and apply concepts we discuss in class.