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While this is my 13th year as the RSIS Library Media Specialist, I have actually served RSSD, in some capacity, since 1989.  From my early college years of classroom participation, working with Adventure Club,  student teaching, paraprofessional service, teaching GTC Basic Skills/IS computer class, 6th grade math, 6th grade communication arts, and here I am now, still very grateful to work with the kids in our community.

I've been married to Tony Chastain for 29 years, and we have two girls.  Grace turns 10 in July and enjoys softball, swimming, and competing as a Ninja Warrior Finalist! 

Christy joined the Intermediate School team last year and will begin her first year of teaching with us in August.  Sure hope everyone is ready for two Chastains in the halls!!  I just haven't figured out the best way to identify us... Old/New?  Jr./Sr.?  Elder/Rookie?  Sweet/Sour?  Yes, this will take some time to figure out, but I'm certain we'll have fun experimenting!


We have always lived in this area and feel lucky to call it home!


To get to a fun collection of family photos:

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Pedagogy statement

I believe modern classroom technology has the potential to be a highly effective tool for all students to explore and master curricular concepts according to their individual learning needs.

It will be my privilege to design and facilitate lessons for students that will enable them to develop 21st century skills and make connections with their own lives and global futures.  I will support and collaborate with instructors as we all strive to provide students with the most current and effective learning resources, timely and specific feedback, and engaging, yet closely monitored, learning environments.

Students will succeed in their academic goals by learning to acquire and evaluate new information critically and by employing the feedback from their peers and instructors.  They will communicate, collaborate, and showcase new understandings that demonstrate not only a mastery of curricular objectives, but also a habit of pushing themselves beyond any current level of skill.

*Read, laugh, hope, dream, reach even higher!








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Rules 'N Tools Checklist

October is National Cyber Security Awareness month.  While we wait until fourth quarter to cover online safety at the intermediate school, I thought you might appreciate this valuable resource for use at home.