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My husband and I both grew up here in Stone County, MO.  While this is my 15th year as the RSIS Library Media Specialist, I have actually served RSSD, in some capacity, since 1989.  From my early college years of classroom participation, working with Adventure Club, student teaching, paraprofessional service, teaching GTC Basic Skills/IS computer class, 6th grade math, 6th grade communication arts, until where I am now, here in the LMC, and still very grateful to work with the kids in our community.


I've been married to Tony Chastain for 31 years, and we have two girls.  Grace turns 12 in July and enjoys softball, bike riding, and competing in several Ninja Warrior Sports leagues (including the UNAA World Finals three years in a row)!  Christy came back to serve her home district and will begin her third year of teaching with us at the Intermediate School.  It is absolutely amazing to share the halls with both of my girls!


We have always lived in this area and feel lucky to call it home!



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