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I grew up in north-central Iowa, where the tall corn grows and the soil is black!  Quite a change from our  terrain and vegetation, as well as culture and seasons.  I really do miss cold weather and snow!  I began my professional life in business with a bachelor's degree in marketing, finally finding my calling as a teacher and earning a master's degree in instructional technology, as well as eMINTS/METS certification.

1:1 Pedagogy:
I believe all students are capable of learning.  Technology can address their individual learning styles when integrated with innovative teaching strategies in order to facilitate their understanding and learning, thereby leveling the playing field for all students regardless of income and giving them opportunities to learn in ways that will equip them for the 21st century college and work environment.

I will incorporate technology with research-based strategies, inquiry, and hands-on experiences in order to allow for collaboration and self-reflection, thereby giving students the opportunity to understand and apply the concepts learned.

Students will actively take part in their learning by using technology as well as research and inquiry to engage with the content and other students.  This interactive learning environment will help students to construct meaning and apply what they are learning to real-world problems and situations. 


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Conferences are the week of October 16th, with teachers staying til &;30pm on Thursday October 20, 2016.  
Please use the following link to sign up for a parent teacher conference if your student is in my homeroom.  If not, please schedule with your student's homeroom teacher!!~Thank you!

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