Walmart Donates Weighted Vests to RSIS


Many people appreciate the therapeutic effects of weighted blankets. Reeds Spring Intermediate School will apply the same concept to help with student behavior.


Walmart has donated nearly $250 worth of weighted vests. These will help with sensory regulation. When needed, students will wear a vest in the classroom for a brief period of time to increase on-task behavior. 


“We will use them to bring student energy levels down to a place where they are able to focus and be productive in the classroom,” said Behavior Intervention Specialist Maggie Martinez.


The vests are small and can be worn under a jacket so other students will not know if someone needs to wear one.


The vests will also be utilized in the school’s Reset Room, where students visit when they have high energy levels or an elevated emotional state. Students go through a “Move, Work, Breathe” routine to calm themselves so they can return to the classroom.

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