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Hello Reeds Spring Intermediate students and parents! I'm Mrs. Loftin, the School Counselor. I feel so lucky to get to do this job!!!
I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling from Missouri State University. I love spending my time with my family, reading, exercising, traveling, and playing with my dog!
I look forward to the school year and getting to know all of you better!
As a School Counselor, I perform the following roles in order to promote positive development in academic, career, and personal/social domains:
*Individual Counseling
*Small Group Counseling
*Classroom Guidance Lessons for both 5th and 6th grade
*Organize and administer building testing
*Attendance Interventions
*Attend and participate in interventions and meetings
*Consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, administration, and students
*Referral services
*Respond to school crises or emergency situations
*Provide information and resources to parents on a variety of issues
*Middle School Planning

Small group topics, but not limited to:
*Study Skills
*New Students
*Changing families
Parents will be informed when their child is asked to participate in a group via a parent permission letter and/or a phone call from the counselor.

Please contact me with any questions you might have!
Email: jdennison@wolves.K12.mo.us
Phone: 417-272-8250,Ext 2670
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